Case of the Month

The Details

Darn Good. Dirt Cheap. 12 Bottles. $99.
Every month we hand-pick a selection of the best weeknight wine money can buy. We put a great deal of care into finding well-balanced, great-tasting wine for our Case of the Month. It’s the perfect way to explore wines from all around the world without breaking the bank!

Here’s a look at June’s case:
Our Price: $99
Total Retail Value: $130.88
You Save: $31.88
Discount: 24%


White Blend, Charles de Fere“Cuv. Jean Louis” NV (France)

Beautiful Bubbly for any occasion! Fresh and fun, this is perfectly dry and fruity with notes of peaches and pears. Drink up!

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE


White Blend, Leccaiai Orvieto 2020 (Italy)

Fresh with the characteristic delicate citrus and persistent bouquet. Very elegant, soft, fresh stone fruit style with typical almond taste to the finish.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

Sauvignon Blanc, La Playa 2020 (Argentina)

Bright and clean, this Sauvignon Blanc features a lot of citrus with notes of pineapple and mango! Refreshing? You bet!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

White Blend, Protocolo 2019 (Spain)

60% Macabeo and 40% Airén, Protocolo Blanco has a scent of yellow apples, citrus and white flowers. Generously fruity on the palate with pear, honeydew melon and citrus flavors.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Pinot Grigio, Gabriella 2020 (Italy)

A lovely, vivacious white with crisp citrus and orchard fruits on a soft round body. A good looking everyday option.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE


Red Blend, DeAngelis Rosso Piceno 2019 (Italy)

A blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, this just shimmers with flavors of red cherry, ripe berries, and a slightly earthy note on the finish. This lil guy is grill ready!

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

Barbera, Alverdi 2020 (Italy)

A new addition to the Alverdi family of wines, and this may be the best one yet! Juicy, crisp, and light-bodied, this is just an absolute joy to drink. Smiles and good times are guaranteed!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Malbec, Callia Alta 2020 (Argentina)

Everyone’s favorite Malbec is as delicious and easy to drink as ever, with juicy red and brambly black fruits mingling with gentle spices.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Pinot Noir, Black Ridge NV (California)

Talk about an easy drinking Pinot Noir from the central coast of California! Soft and supple, this juicy bottle is perfect by itself or any snack you may enjoy.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Red Blend, Paxis 2016 (Portugal)

A friendly bottle of Portuguese red! Lots of fresh red fruits leading to notes of sassafras and cola. Need a Monday wine? This is your new best friend.

$9.99 / PER BOTTLE

Garnacha, Vina Temprana 2019 (Spain)

Juicy red fruits and a little bit of white pepper aromas make this the perfect wine for a medium-rare burger with bacon. Enjoy today!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Red Blend, Reserve de la Saurine 2018 (France)

Dark ruby in color with attractive red fruits on the nose, this rustic red will be a delightful dinner companion. Perfect with herbaceous pasta sauces!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE