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Darn Good. Dirt Cheap. 12 Bottles. $99.
Every month we hand-pick a selection of the best weeknight wine money can buy. We put a great deal of care into finding well-balanced, great-tasting wine for our Case of the Month. It’s the perfect way to explore wines from all around the world without breaking the bank!

Here’s a look at October’s case:
Our Price: $99
Total Retail Value: $141.88
You Save: $42.88
Discount: 30%


White Blend, Charles de Fere ``jean Louis`` NV (France)

A blend of mostly Chenin Blanc, this is ripe-fruited and friendly with flavors of peach and apple. Obviously this is perfect for brunch.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE


Pinot Blanc, Hugel 2014 (France)

Pinot Blanc is one of the best fall whites around with aromas and flavors of autumn fruits with crisp acidity. Enjoy on the deck with a light sweater.

$15.99 / PER BOTTLE

Torrontes, Amalaya 2017 (Argentina)

Expect bold floral notes on the nose and palate with satisfying, crisp citrus notes from this bargain beauty.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

White Blend, Perrin ``Reserve`` Cotes du Rhone 2017 (France)

Highly aromatic on the nose, this well-priced white has good freshness. Ripe orchard fruits shine on the palate, while a plump medium body complements a variety of meals.

$11.99 / PER BOTTLE

Sauvignon Blanc, Casas de Vaqueria ``A18`` 2017 (Chile)

This Chilean estate is new to us and boy are we excited! Crisp citrusy notes, a dash of sea salt, fresh cut grass and minerals combine on a perfect little package.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Chardonnay, Silver Creek 2016 (California)

Classic California stuff right here! Rich, ripe and round with a touch of oak and creaminess. We'd recommend pairing this with grilled fish or creamier dishes.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE


Red Blend, Cocoban 2015 (California)

A rich, silky red blend with a soft, luxurious finish. Unearth flavors of dark cherries and vanilla in every sip of this plush wine.

$15.99 / PER BOTTLE

Malbec, Tinto Negro 2017 (Argentina)

This Malbec combines juicy red fruit with a touch of spice on a medium-to-full body with a light floral touch. A porch pounder for sure!

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Cabernet Sauvignon, Glenbrook 2016 (California)

A prime example of an affordable, yet friendly, Cabernet from California. The deep ruby color lures you in while the berries and cedar keep you coming back for more. Pairs wonderfully with beef, lamb, or a good book.

$10.99 / PER BOTTLE

Merlot, Stone Cellars NV (California)

This friendly wine delivers rich aromas of dark plum, cola, and sweet cherry. The palate is soft and packed with red and blue fruit, finishing with light oak spices.

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE

Pinot Noir, Trapiche 2017 (Argentina)

This is a light, fresh Pinot with cherry, raspberry, and a little kick of spice. It is best enjoyed in the company of a good friend.

$8.99 / PER BOTTLE

Bonarda, Finca La Linda 2012 (Argentina)

Just plain tasty juice from an under the radar grape that performs well in Mendoza's sunny climate. Flavors of dark berries, grilled herbs and spices, and more come together on a medium body.

$12.99 / PER BOTTLE