A Cordial Introduction to Our Expanded Liquers

If you’ve had a chance to check out our new digs, then you’ve seen our spirits section. Let’s be real – it’s dope. But, our cordials (a.k.a. liqueurs) are especially on fire.
Basically, a cordial is a sweetened and flavored (and usually lower proofed) spirit that begs to be had. Some are fruity, some are grassy, some are sharp, some are soft. Like lemon? Try Meletti’s Limoncello! Like walnuts? Try Cardinal’s Walnut Noccino! Like coffee? No need to turn to Kahlua when St. George’s Coffee Liqueur is around!
The point is: There are so many fun and interesting things out there in the land of cordials! Here are a couple of ideas for ways to use them…
Manhattan 604
Quite honestly, I love bourbon and rye, so Manhattans tend to be my favorite turn-to when I’m having an adult beverage. The secret to an outstanding cocktail instead of a good cocktail is ingredients. It’s almost always worth spending the extra couple of dollars if it means truly enjoying what you’re about to imbibe. This little twist on a Manhattan uses the Baltamaro Vol. 3 (Coffee) instead of sweet vermouth.
2 oz. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon
1 oz. Baltimore Spirits Company Baltamaro Vol. 3 (Coffee)
1/2 oz. Cardinal Walnut Nocino
Stir, serve up (chilled), pour into a martini glass (in fairness, I prefer a rocks glass, but if you want to be fancy…)
Sunrise in Frederick
2 oz. McClintock Oro
1 oz. McClintock Ginger Lime Cordial
     Fever Tree Club Soda
Keep the ice this time, top off with club soda.
Georgeann + The Bin 604 Crew