Wine Obsessions: The Ballad of Elbling

The first sip on Elbling…


It is the oldest cultivated grape in Germany, yes older than its more famous cousin, Riesling.¬†The Romans drank it, and LOVED it.¬†It’s grown in the Upper-Mosel region of Germany in Kimmeridgian limestone soil, similar to that of Chablis in France.¬†Unlike Riesling, Elbling is decidedly dry in style, every time.¬†There are only a few people in the world making it, and Hild is the best.¬†I could personally drink buckets of it (if it came in that format), but I’m willing to share it with you.

Here’s a taste from the wine’s importer¬†Stephen Bitterolf (Vom Boden), “Elbling is a grape of refreshment and honesty and conviviality.¬†The joy of Elbling is its raucous acidity, the vigor and energy, the fact that it is so low in alcohol you could probably drink a bottle and still operate heavy machinery. But don’t do that.”

As the saying goes, do as the Romans do! Drink Elbling. Like, now.

Hild Elbling Sekt NV $19.99

Elbling has long been made into a sparkling wine because, in the wrong hands, it is a fairly neutral, nondescript wine. The folks at Hild have the Midas touch though. A gentle, frothy bubbly that offers notes of peaches, white flowers, minerals, and a squeeze of citrus to provide lift and energy. Like a glowed up Prosecco.

Matthew Anderson
General Manager