Raising Spirits with Georgann: The Grand Return

I’m back at it. Tasting spirits that reflect the quality you’d expect of Bin 604. Which means I’ve already taste a lot ( A LOT) of spirits of the last few weeks. What does that mean for everyone? That means that I’ve weeded thorugh the mediocre and “fine” stuff to bring you exceptional stuff. What has stood out to me in this process is the Redwood Empire trio of whiskeys.

Redwood Empire comes to su from Sonoma County, California. They produce a bourbon, a rye, and an American whiskey (which blends the bourbon and rye). Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What business does Sonoma County have making whiskeys when they already are known for wine?” Well, it turns out that they know a thing or two about whiskey as well.

I first came across Redwood Empire’s American Whiskey (now called “Lost Monarch”) about a year-and-a-half ago, and was quite taken by how charming it was. It was like spending time with an old friend who knows you too well. The other thing I like about this group is that they’re good people: They plant a redwood for every bottle sold, their labels all feature depictions of John Muir, and all of their spirits are named after a redwood tree.

I could go on and on about Redwood Empire’s lineup, but I’ll simply leave it at this: Try one, fall in love, try the other two. It’s truly a trio of delight. Personally, I’m feeling the Emerald Giant Rye these days. It is, quite Simply, a fantastic cool weather companion. Spicy and slightly sweet, with a cool minty finish. I am 100% here for it.