Wine + Movies with Juliana: Volume 1

If I’m passionate about anything other than wine, it’s movies. I’ve gone through stages of being genuinely obsessed with every different type of genre. From Roman Polanski’s psychological horror, “Rosemary’s Baby” to Rob Reiner’s fantasy cult classic, “The Princess Bride,” and everything in between, there’s no limit to the movies that I love, and the wine pairings I can create with them.

Deciding on movies and wine as my topic was easy. Picking one movie for my first ever mailer was not. I love overthinking, and this gives me a great excuse to indulge in that. I was cycling through a mental list of all of my favorites, my anxiety spiking, when it hit me. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

An absolute classic film that premiered in 1961, I’ve seen it roughly 20 times; it’s gotten me through some of my most stressful life events and provided Halloween inspiration several times over. Yes, there are some problematic scenes, (Mickey Rooney’s offensive performance alone), but that’s for another article at another time. For now, we can appreciate a film that is a true sign of its times.

 I adore Audrey Hepburn, with her delicate, ethereal feminine energy exuding from the screen. She was nominated for Best Actress in the Academy Awards for her portrayal of Holly Golightly, a New York Socialite with a country bumpkin past that she can’t seem to run away from. Holly throws lavish parties in her largely unfurnished apartment, drinks milk from a wine glass, religiously keeps her monthly appointment at Sing Sing Prison to get the “weather report” from a gangster, and has a Cat with no name. She affords her lifestyle on the dime of rich men.

This is how she earns her income, by accompanying them to dinner and then sneaking away with a $50 bill meant for the powder room. She’s unapologetic, witty, beautiful, tough, but ultimately afraid of life. She takes a liking to her new neighbor, a writer named Paul, who has some secrets of his own. Romance begins to blossom, but Holly stubbornly resists her feelings, aiming her sights on finding the richest man she can marry. Will she be able to accept the genuine love she desperately wants but always runs from? Will she buy a real couch? Will the Cat ever get a name?

You’d never know while watching, but it was actually very difficult for Audrey Hepburn to perform in this role. Her soft, introverted energy was miles away from Holly Golightly’s brash, provocative persona. It was an uncomfortable character for her, but she nailed it. She also gave an original, timeless performance of  “Moon River,” earning an Oscar win for Best Movie Song. There are countless iconic scenes in the film, but my favorite has to be Holly sitting outside on her fire escape, gently strumming the guitar, her soft voice reminding me that, “there’s such a lot of world to see.”

If you’ve never seen the movie, give it a try. If you have seen it, watch it again. Either way, make sure you have a bottle of Patrick Bottex’s, “Bugey-Cerdon” sparkling rose with you. This wine comes from the French wine appellation Bugey. Bugey is surrounded on all sides by some most popular wine territories: Beaujolais to the west, Savoie to the east, Jura and Burgundy to the north, and Rhone to the south. This area is a bit of a secret, with the cru Cerdon producing sparkling wine exclusively. By French law, Bugey’s sparkling wine must be made using the “method ancestrale,” a process which predates the Champenoise method. This method allows for secondary fermentation in the bottle, leading to a signature effervescence. This bubbly is dominantly Gamay, with some Poulsard, and has a touch of residual sugar. It’s what Holly would be drinking, probably straight from the bottle, but I recommend a glass. It’s lovely, it’s pink, and it’s a perfect popcorn pairing.