Wine + Food with Teona: Volume 6

A few days ago, my significant other proudly and excitedly brought home one of the biggest local watermelons Iā€™ve ever seen, along with a hefty cantaloupeā€¦ as much as we all love to dig in on those sweet, juicy and, most importantly, refreshing summer offerings, we had to get creative in getting use out of them as there is only so much fruit a family of three can indulge in without getting bored.

So, hereā€™s a little blabber about some of our favorite classic summer ingredient combinations that have stolen our hearts this season (mostly mine, but I digress). First things first (and in all CAPS), ripe CANTALOUPE + thinly sliced PROSCIUTTO = DIVINITY. This combination is a wonderful play on sweet and salty, along with being incredibly refreshing. From there, youā€™ll find that opportunities to mold this combo into various shapes and forms are endless. Adding more ingredients to your liking as you go will contribute to some serious play on texture and flavor profiles. So here are a couple of ingredients that we think, combined, make the perfect summer treat (please, note:Ā italics = nailed it!).

Melon Prosciutto Salad Variations:
Honeydew melon thinly sliced or scooped and/or
CantaloupeĀ chopped in cubes or scooped and/or
Watermelon chopped in cubes or scooped
Grilled peaches (I will never, ever, ever, say no to this)
In Season Heirloom Tomatoes
Ohh, Figs – yes to figs!

ChoppedĀ fresh basilĀ leaves and/or
ChoppedĀ fresh mintĀ leaves

Thinly slicedĀ prosciutto

FreshĀ mozzarellaĀ cheese and/or
FreshĀ feta cheese
Fresh goat cheese

Arugula (optional)

Salt and freshly ground peppercorn

Extra-virgin olive oil
Honey lemon vinaigrette (optional) or
Your favorite balsamic vinaigrette (optional)

Wine Pairing:

Clos Cibonne Tibouren ā€˜Cuvee Traditionā€™ Rose 2017, Cotes de Provence, France
This elegant, savory, dry rose is made mostly of the rare grape varietal native to the Provence region of France, Tibouren, in an oxidative style. After the wine is fermented, it is aged on the lees under a thin veil of yeast (fleurette) in old founders for a year. That is why in comparison to other fabulous roses out there the most current vintage of this wine is going to be a year behind.

This seductive offering has subtle but elegant qualities with a beautiful texture and structure. It is smooth yet slightly spicy, has notes of dried strawberries, orange peel, and poached peaches.Ā Ā Annnd, its strong acidic and lengthy qualities play extremely well with the savory, sweet, and salty melon prosciutto salad, adding an element of freshness.

As alway, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and experiences. Come find me at the shop!

Gagimarjot! (Cheers to You!) ~Ā Teona