Raising Spirits with Georgann, Volume 1

Anyone who knows me well knows I love three things: watches, bad jokes, and whiskey. Honestly, I just can’t get enough of any of them.

When I returned to Bin 604 in August of 2017, I was tasked with discovering interesting spirits for our shelves. This has turned out to be a fascinating experience. I have tasted hundreds of craft spirits to parallel the quality of wines on our shelves – a surprisingly daunting task. I’ve truly enjoyed this undertaking as I have gotten to learn about small batch distillers and their processes, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share some of these thoughts.

Over the course of my segments, I’ll share thoughts on more than just whiskey, but seeing as this is your first glimpse into my spirited corner, I think it makes sense to start with my current favorite: McClintock Distilling Heritage White Whiskey.

My favorite spirit, hands down, is whiskey – especially American stylings. The nuance of the mash, coupled with the richness from oak contact gets me every time. Vanilla, caramel, and char all coming together for a balanced sipping experience warms my heart. So you can imagine my surprise when I was absolutely charmed by a white whiskey.

Usually I am not enamored by white whiskeys, but McClintock’s Heritage White Whiskey is a real treat. It’s made all the more special when you consider that McClintock is based in Frederick (only 45 minutes away!). I tend to tell people that this is the whiskey for gin drinkers and the gin for whiskey drinkers.

What I love about McClintock’s Heritage White Whiskey, you ask? Well, the truth is that there is SO much to love about it. There’s a soft sweetness from corn that balances out the spice of rye, and the wheat influence allows for a softness on the palate and finish that is hard to beat. This tends to be my turn to as an alternative to gin or vodka – making it the perfect pairing for spring and summer!

I Hope you’re as charmed by this spirit as I am.

Did you hear the one about paper? Never mind, it’s tearable…