Music + Wine with Matt: Volume 2

I think this is an appropriate transition from Georgann’s Lifted Spirits segment – From McClintock White Whiskey to Red Bull and Hennessy – a…unique combination at the heart of Jenny Lewis’ lead single from her new album “On The Line.”  While I am no stranger to strange drinks on strange nights just to keep the party going, I’d much rather share with you a wine that came to mind as I spun this album again and again and again over this past weekend.

The Music – Jenny Lewis – On The Line
The Wine – Cowhorn Viognier 2017, Applegate Valley, Oregon

Let’s dive in!

Listening to Jenny Lewis can be many things – playful, joyous, triumphant, silly, nostalgic, melancholic, invigorating – but one thing always rings true.  It’s fucking fun!  Sorry for swearing, but it just is.  It’s sex, drugs, and rock & roll with a little more class.

From the moment the album’s first single Red Bull & Hennessy was released in January, I knew this album was going to be a special one, and I was not let down.  Across 11 songs she brings the California sound that’s been a part of her music since the very beginning, and delivers some of her very best songwriting to date.

She balances her appetite for physical, hedonistic, intellectual, and emotional fulfillment with such poise and perspective it seems almost effortless, and in the hands of a lesser storyteller, could come off as ambivalence.  Anyway, I could heap praise on this record all day but it’d be better if you listened, drank the wine, then stopped by and talked with me about it.  It’ll most likely be playing here as it is!

Key Songs
Red Bull and Hennessy – this song is meant to be played loud and.  It seriously bangs.  And, while I cannot personally attest to the feeling of being wired on Red Bull and Hennessy, I have tried enough wild concoctions to stimulate and confuse my body to understand the feeling of this song.  It’s raw and powerful.

On The Line – “Before you let her under your sweater tonight, listen to my heart beating on the line.”  Love that chorus.  It’s an anthem for a subject that has many anthems (lost love) but still comes across as fresh and relevant in an age where making a phone call and hearing someone’s voice, let alone their heartbeat, is mostly a thing of the past.  It’s a song about listening, so listen.

The “Little White Dove” Wine
Cowhorn Viognier is wine that seems to have wisdom.  It’s got a story that slowly starts to reveal itself on your tongue and continues as it moves across your palate.  It’s rich and suggests decadence but doesn’t cross the line.  It’s playful and downright joyful, but it has a serious side.  Most importantly, it’s got bite – a sharp line of acidity that keeps the whole thing in order.  Pure pleasure with the depth and dimension to make you contemplate…whatever.