Music + Wine with Matt: Volume 1

Russian Doll + “The Party” Malbec 2017

By now, you should have already watched Russian Doll on Netflix, the macabre version of Groundhog Day where Natasha Lyonne keeps dying and reliving the night of her 36th birthday party with no idea how to get out of this grim loop.  If this is the first you’re hearing about it, or you haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet…just do it!  It’s 8 30 minute episodes with a twisted storyline that’s best understood if digested in large chunks.  Out of consideration, though, I will avoid spoilers (just pull me aside in the store if you’d like to talk about it).

My main reason for insisting you watch is the incredible soundtrack assembled by music supervisor Brienne Rose with input from creators Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, and Amy Poehler.  The music is surgically stitched into the story, hinged on Harry Nilsson’s 1971 song “Gotta Get Up,” the song that kicks in each time Lyonne’s character begins another loop.  Rose said the song took almost the entire music budget was spent on the song due to the number of times it is played.  The rest of the music, though, flows right out of that vibe and into psych-rock, indie, new wave, 60s pop, and electronic dance music.

Anika – I Go To Sleep
Light Asylum – Shallow Tears
Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood – Morning After
(Baltimore’s Very Own) Wordsmith – Get What You Love
Also, for some fun, check out the following songs, all in contention for Lyonne’s wake up song – “Not Tonight” by Lil’ Kim, “Crazy Feeling” by Lou Reed and “No Fun” by The Stooges.

Wine Pairing: Matias Riccitelli “The Party” Malbec 2017, Mendoza, Argentina
Using the creator’s guiding principle in selecting “Gotta Get Up,” I selected a wine that, if caught in a seemingly endless loop, I wouldn’t mind drinking over and over again.  Sure I could pick expensive Champagne or Bordeaux or any of the truly legendary wines I’ve been fortunate to try in my life, but none fit the theme of the show quite like this one.

Riccitelli is an up and coming winemaker from Argentina unique, colorful Malbec in the heart of the Lujan de Cuyo district of Mendoza.  The wine is bright, fresh, bold and honest, much like the cast of Russian Doll.  Try it out and let me know what you think!